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Dr Jessica Walsh

Lecturer in Law

LLB in European Law (Warwick), European Certificate of Integrated Legal Studies (Warwick, Lille, Saarland), PhD (Surrey), GCLT in HE (Surrey), Solicitor (non-practising).

Dr Walsh joined the law school in April 2021. Her research focuses on judicial independence and accountability, having conducted extensive empirical research on processes for the removal of judges for malperformance in Argentina for her doctoral studies. In particular, her research evaluates the efficiency of judicial councils in protecting and advancing both judicial independence and accountability within contexts of political polarisation and mistrust of institutions.

She has consulted with the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute on judicial independence and accountability in Latin America. Broader research interests include courts and dispute resolution, corruption and informality, accountability, and the interaction between institutionalisation and autonomy. Having studied and worked with the law in several jurisdictions (including Germany, France, and Spain), she also maintains a strong interest in comparative law and socio-legal research methodology.

Dr Walsh qualified as a Solicitor in 2012, having trained at DAC Beachcroft LLP in London and Balaguer, Morera & Asociados in Barcelona. Her work in practice focused on international financial and commercial dispute resolution and corporate law. She has provided research assistance to the authors of a leading practitioner’s guide to the Arbitration Act, and retains an active interest in arbitration and other forms of ADR.

She is a Fellow of Advance HE and has taught a wide range of subjects including competition law, contract law, EU law, land law, human rights, and legal skills. She has also been involved in coaching several teams participating in national mooting competitions.

Dr Walsh is interested in supervising research projects, in particular, but not limited to, projects in the areas of the rule of law, corruption, accountability, dispute resolution, and judicial studies, in particular those proposing to adopt comparative or empirical methodologies.

Dr Walsh is fluent in Spanish, French, and German, and has undertaken many legal, academic, and other translations on a freelance basis. This includes having translated a large portion of a book on children’s rights from a cross-cultural perspective. She is interested in the interaction between law, language, and culture. She is currently learning Bulgarian.

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