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Dr Gar Yein Ng

Senior Lecturer in Law

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Gar Yein started work as a Lecturer in Law at Buckingham on 1 September 2017. She has held academic posts at Nottingham Trent University (UK), University of Exeter (UK), Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), Universities of Maastricht and Utrecht (Netherlands), and the University of Passau (Germany). She has taught broadly comparative law in the fields of constitutional law and human rights, and has taught a range of English law subjects.

Gar Yein has also been a visiting researcher at University of Oslo, MultiRights project (now PluriCourts), University College London, Institute for Social Sciences of Politics (Cachan, France), University of Utrecht, Netherlands, and IRSIG-CNR, Bologna, Italy.

Gar Yein’s most recent publications cover issues of judicial skills, the training of judges and the role of judges vis-a-vis the legislator from a comparative perspective.

Previously, she was an Independent Researcher in the field of Judicial Studies, with particular focus on court and justice management, public law, and procedural law particularly at the intersection between law and technology, from a comparative perspective.  Gar Yein has continued to work on projects for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

Educated at the Universities of Central England (now Birmingham City), and Maastricht, she holds an LLB (Hons) in English Law, LLM in International and Comparative Law from the University of Maastricht, and a PhD “Quality of Judicial Organisation and Checks and Balances” from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

For more information about publications and projects, please see her website: www.garyeinng.com or her Orcid Profile.



Journal articles:

Book chapters:

  • “Quality of Justice: Substantive Discussion” in “Met recht, raad en daad: Liber amoricum Philip Langbroek” Boom Juridisch, 2023, E. Bauw, A,W,G,J. Buijze, R.J.G.M Widdershoven (eds)
  • G.Y. Ng “England and Wales Report” in “Court Management For a Principle of Coordination in Court Management” (“Gestion du tribunal pour un principe de coordination en matière de gestion du tribunal” sous la direction scientifique d’Emmanuel Jeuland p161-169
  • Measuring the Unmeasurable?” Bencze,M, Ng, G.Y, in How to Measure the Quality of Judicial Reasoning“, (eds)  Bencze,M. &  Ng, G.Y., Springer 2018 p.1-23
  • 2. Quality of Judicial Reasoning: England and Wales, in How to Measure the Quality of Judicial Reasoning“, (eds)  Bencze,M. &  Ng, G.Y., Springer 2018 pp.103-121
  • G.Y. Ng, “Testing Transborder Civil Procedures in Practice: Findings from a Simulation Experiment with the European Payment Order and the European Small Claims Procedure”, in F. Contini & G.F. Lanzara (eds), The Circulation of Agency in E-Justice: Interoperability and Infrastructures for European Trans-Border Judicial Proceedings (Dordrecht: Springer, 2013)
  • G.Y. Ng & P. Langbroek, “Comparative Analysis of Ph.D Studies for Legal and Judicial Education”, in D. Piana, P. Langbroek, T. Berkmanas, O. Hammerslev & O. Pacurari (eds), Legal Education and Judicial Training in Europe: The Menu for Justice Project Report (The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2013)
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  • G.Y. Ng, “Case Management: Procedural law v. Best Practices”, in C.H. Van Rhee & A. Uzelac (eds), Civil Justice between Efficiency and Quality: From Ius Commune to the CEPEJ (Antwerp: Intersentia, 2008) [this article was republished from another edited book below]
  • G.Y. Ng, “Case Management: Procedural law v. Best Practices”, in C.H. van Rhee (ed.), Judicial Case Management and Efficiency in Civil Justice (Antwerp: Intersentia, 2008)
  • P.M. Langbroek & G.Y. Ng, “Het bestuursrecht voor de rechterlijke macht”, in Liber Amicorum for Prof. J.B.J.M. ten Berge (2008)
  • G.Y. Ng, “Pays Bas / Nederland”, in M. Fabri, J-P. Jean, P.M. Langbroek, H. Pauliat (eds), L’administration de la justice en Europe et l’évaluation de sa qualité (Paris: Montchrestien, 2005)
  • G.Y. Ng, “Quality of Justice in the Netherlands”, in The Administration of Justice in Europe: Towards the Development of Quality Standards (IRSIG-CNR, 2003) directed by M. Fabri, P. Langbroek & H. Pauliat

Book review

  • “B.J. Ostrom, C.W. Ostrom, Jr, R.A. Hanson & M. Kleiman, Trial Courts as Organisations”, International Journal of Court Administration 1.2 (October 2008)



  • January 20th, 2021 “Quality of Judicial Reasoning” at the “Forum: Quality of Judicial Decisions; Research Project UNAM-PAPIIT IA301420” at the National Autonomous University Of Mexico Faculty of Law (online Forum)
  • December 13-15 2018; “Performance Evaluation: Separating Judges from Courts” at the “Second National Congress on Human Rights”, at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Warsaw, Poland
  • June 25-27 2018; “From Government to Governance, From Judiciary to…?”, at ICON-S Conference 2018 “Identity, Security, Democracy: Challenged for Public Law” Hong Kong University
  • February 9 2018; “De Facto Precedent in ECJ Judgements: And Overview”, at “Workshop on Precedent in EU law: The Linguistic Aspect”, part of Law and Language at the European Court of Justic the LLECJ Project, University of Birmingham, Law School
  • November 14-15 2017; “Evaluation of Judges Workshop”, Presentation of Comparative Experiences of Judicial Performance Evaluation, Best and Poor Practices, Tbilisi, Georgia (OSCE Workshop)
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