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Ms Dalene Duvenage

Honorary Senior Research Fellow


Dalene DuvenageDalene Duvenage has been involved in the intelligence analysis, security risk management and learning and development fields for a total of 31 years. In these 30-odd years, she was an intelligence analyst at the South African Secret Service on African countries (10 years), an intelligence analysis trainer and Training & Development specialist (8 years for the Intelligence Academy and NIA and 7 years in her own training and consulting company and with Absa) and for the last 6 years, a manager in intelligence analysis and security risk in the South African regulatory sector. Dalene maintains an active membership of various professional organisations, including the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), the International Studies Associations (ISA), the Association for International Risk Intelligence Professionals (AIRIP) and the Security Institute. She has a large international network and has worked during the last 6 years on a regular basis with a group of analysts to compile threat analysis reports on a wide range of topics. Dalene Duvenage has 34 academic citations from her various articles, has presented at numerous international conferences and has, finally, trained many analysts from African countries in security risk and intelligence analysis.

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