Female student in the Vinson Building

Where the need is greatest

An unrestricted donation provides Buckingham with the resources to respond flexibly to an ever changing world and to respond to emerging priorities – whether that’s supporting early-stage research, providing emergency support to students, or adapting to the changing landscape of Higher Education.

We rely ever more on our global community of alumni and friends, not just to safeguard the University’s future, but to ensure that The University of Buckingham continues to thrive in the years ahead.

If we are to ensure that Buckingham maintains its reputation for teaching excellence we must be flexible to the changing needs of our students and staff.

Many donors choose to help us in this course by supporting our Unrestricted Fund. Through this fund we can provide support to wherever the need is greatest and respond quickly to our most urgent requirements, allowing us to address our strategic priorities, plan ahead financially and respond to the emerging needs of the University.

Unrestricted gifts can be used to support a wide range of activities. These change over time, but may include:

  • Support for research projects – exciting ideas that need funds to get off the ground
  • Support for new priority areas for student support and the student experience, from emergency hardship grants to providing new opportunities for the Students Union
  • Purchase of vital teaching equipment to sustain the distinct culture Buckingham

Your unrestricted gift allows us to make bold decisions, to explore new avenues that have the potential to change the world, and to create a culture that rewards innovation and risk-taking research.