The Paul E H Davis Awards

The Paul E H Davis Awards are in support of postgraduate studies and scholarship in English Literature by Research and in research in History or Biography as follows:

  1. The Davis Research Scholarship – to the value of half fees for the MA in English Literature by Research
  2. Three Davis Research Exhibitions – to the value of a quarter of the applicable fee; two exhibitions will be for the study of English Literature, and one for postgraduate History or Biography by Research.

Preference for the scholarship awards in postgraduate study in Literature by Research will be given to home students; candidates achieving their MA at Buckingham and pursuing an MPhil or DPhil in English Literature will also be eligible.

Preference for the exhibition for History or Biography by Research, normally tenable for one year, is given to home students. In the case of part-time students, the award may be spread over two years.

All candidates must complete an application for the exhibition or scholarship awards; the awards selection committees will consider the academic and other relevant qualifications of each candidate. Any award may be withdrawn if the recipient fails to maintain satisfactory progress with his or her research.

The applications for awards for MA in Literature by Research are accepted throughout the year. Applications for the exhibition in History or Biography by Research are due by 31 October. Requests for application forms should be forwarded to Nancy Zulu, University of Buckingham, Hunter Street, Buckingham MK18 1EG or emailed to