Worried? Anxious? Confused? MeeTwo makes it easy to talk about difficult things. It’s free, safe and anonymous.

“I actually didn’t realise how much better this app can make someone feel. I love being able to ask my own questions and just the experience of trying to help even one other person helps me to feel happier too”

MeeTwo is a safe, anonymous app where you can share your worries and use your own experiences to help others. Student life is not always straightforward and sharing your feelings with someone else can really help. MeeTwo is anonymous so you can talk about virtually anything, and because every post and reply is checked by a human before it goes live, it is completely safe and you are guaranteed to only get supportive replies. MeeTwo is quick and easy to use and it is free to University of Buckingham students. Once you’ve signed up add The University of Buckingham portal for even more anonymous support.

MeeTwo can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store. For more information visit