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Global Security & Intelligence Notes (GSIN) – Library

Here you can find each issue currently available as part of the GSIN series.

  • GSIN 9 – September 2023
    Sara SENNO: Challenges and Opportunities in Preventing Violent Extremism in Libya
  • GSIN 8 – June 2023
    Constantinos CONSTANTINOU: Information Warfare and Media Control: The Case of Turkey
  • GSIN 7 – March 2023
    Muhammad Tahir MAHMOOD: The re-emergence of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Pakistan and the role of the Afghan Taliban
  • GSIN 6 – December 2022
    Georgios KOUKAKIS: Establishing the Greek National Security Council: A Comparative Case Study Analysis with the National Security Council of the United States
  • GSIN 5 – June 2022
    Anastasios-Nikolaos KANELLOPOULOS: The importance of Counterintelligence Culture in State Security
  • GSIN 4 – March 2022
    Petros PETRIKKOS and Marinos PAPAIOAKEIM: Hybrid Threats in Small States: The Case of the Republic of Cyprus
  • GSIN 3 – March 2021
    Abigail Lucirose BIRCH: Intelligence Failures, Surprise Attacks and Terrorism: A Comparative Case Study Analysis
  • GSIN 2 – December 2020
    Fidel Abowei: The Military and Soft Power: Assessing the case of Nigeria’s Security Engagement in West Africa from the Perception of Ghanaian and Liberian Political and Academic Elites
  • GSIN 1 – September 2020
    Carl Moudabber: The Infiltration of the Lebanese Scene by Salafi-Jihadi Groups: Local Security Threats and Wider Repercussions.