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24 January 2024

New academic article from BUCSIS

A new article exploring how intelligence is collected from human intelligence sources, detained in police custody suites has been published. Dr Ian Stanier, one of the reports co-authors (along with Dr Jordan Nunan and Brandon May), stated: “ The contribution…

30 November 2023

The Troubles – BUCSIS Belfast Trip

BUCSIS organised a student enrichment trip to Belfast, aiming to provide students with an alternative learning experience and a deeper understanding of 'The Troubles'.

30 September 2023

BUCSIS at the National Crime Agency

BUCSIS presented to UK National Crime Agency staff this September.

21 September 2023

BUCSIS staff delivering a presentation on impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war on European Security

BUCSIS conference in Nicosia, Cyprus, explores the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war on European security.

30 August 2023

New Masters commences at BUCSIS

An innovative programme designed to allow students to delve into an intelligence-related subject of their choice.

29 August 2023

BUCSIS awards two Scholarships for New York Police Department

BUCSIS has awarded NYPD’s Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Department with two scholarships for the Postgraduate Certificate in Covert Action, HUMINT and the Psychology of Intelligence Elicitation.

19 June 2023

Northern Ireland ‘The Troubles’ Belfast Study trip, October 2023

BUCSIS has organised its next study trip, scheduled for October this year, where students will be visiting Northern Ireland and exploring various areas of significance during 'The Troubles'.

22 May 2023

New Publication by BUCSIS Staff

Dr Ian Stanier and Dr Jordan Nunan have published an academic article examining the diverse range of motivations associated with UK domestic extremist informants.

22 May 2023

Next BUCSIS hosted Intelligence Conference – Wednesday 5 July 2023

The next National Police Chief’s Council Intelligence Practice Research Consortium event will be held on Wednesday 5 July.

10 March 2023

Manchester Arena bombing Report  – BUCSIS Director on Sky News

Associate Dean and BUCSIS’s Director, Professor Julian Richards appeared on Sky News on 2 March 2023 to discuss the publication of the latest report in the Manchester Inquiry (Volume Three: Radicalisation and Preventability) The 22 May 2017 Manchester Arena bombing…