Centre for Extractive Energy Studies (UBCEES)

The University of Buckingham launched a new Centre for Extractive Energy Studies on 16 October 2013.  The University of Buckingham Centre for Extractive Energy Studies (UBCEES) will provide high quality research and consultancy in the field of extractive energy.

Led by the Buckingham Law School, the UBCEES will have collaborative links with other schools within the University and other partner institutions within and outside the United Kingdom. At the professional level, the UBCEES will cultivate links with international and local practitioners in the industry, governments and law firms.

power-stationTo foster excellence in research and provide world class education in energy extractive studies, the UBCEES will generate research, knowledge and skills in a range of areas including:

  1. Good governance in the extractive industry
  2. Energy exploitation and environmental regulation
  3. Money laundering, offshore banking and asset recovery
  4. Indigenous rights and the energy sector
  5. Oil and gas carriage in international  trade and maritime law
  6. International oil and gas law and policy
  7. Energy taxation law
  8. Marine insurance
  9. Energy competition law
  10. International labour rights in the oil and gas industry

Many of these subjects are already delivered by the Buckingham Law School  in our specialist postgraduate pathways in International Oil and Gas Law and Policy and  World Trade. It is intended that the UBCEES would further enhance and develop teaching, research and consultancy in these areas, particularly from an inter-disciplinary perspective.

oil-wellThe UBCEES projects and outputs will be disseminated through academic publications, conferences and seminars, policy briefings and reports, and through media communications. The UBCEES will be led by Professor John Hatchard  and Mrs Hephzibah Egede in collaboration with Mr Jae Sundaram (Dean of Innovation) and other specialists from the Buckingham Law School and schools within the University.

UBCEES Special Denning Energy Edition: a special edition of the Denning Law Journal 28 (2016) edited by Hephzibah Egede and John Hatchard dealing with contemporary legal issues in the law and gas sector.

For more information on the UBCEES contact: