Equine Law and Policy Research Centre

Centre director: Dr Sarah Sargent, sarah.sargent@buckingham.ac.uk

This Centre aims to foster a network of professionals and academics connected by their work and interests in equine law and policy. Horses form a core part of contemporary economy, leisure, therapeutic roles, land use such as rights of ways, bridleways, and sport—play a varied role. The law and policy which impacts equine activities can be complex, and is ever-changing.

Equine law and policy include many areas of law, including, tort, insurance, commercial, and land use. Other areas of law that are included are the betting industry, crime, horse racing, and transnational issues such as the carriage of goods, sport regulation, contract enforcement and conflicts of laws. It also covers areas of national and international heritage.

The Centre is  a source of information and commentary on the many aspects of equine law and policy, through academic publications, symposiums, reports, policy papers, and workshops.

The Centre will have a global outreach and offer expertise in key areas of equine law and policy.

This Centre is unique—it is the first of its kind in the UK, seemingly globally. As such it will pioneer and coordinate information, research, expertise and analysis in a burgeoning area of law and policy. The disparate strands of law and policy are addressed within the Centre.


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  • Unfulfilled promises: Safeguarding the horse culture of American Indians”, Transnational Dispute Management TDM 2 (March 2014).