BUCSIS Research Programme

BUCSIS has a vibrant programme of active research currently being undertaken in a range of security and intelligence issues, involving both UK and overseas. We offer research degrees both at Master’s level (represented by the two-year MPhil programme) and at DPhil (PhD level). Our research programme is headed by Dr Julian Richards, with secondary supervision from Professor Anthony Glees.

We are always looking for interesting new research proposals, and prospective candidates are welcome to approach Dr Richards with ideas in the first instance, by emailing julian.richards@buckingham.ac.uk.

More information on studying for an MPhil or DPhil in the Department of Economics and International Studies.


  • Muhammad Tahir Mahmood is researching on the judicial system, security and intelligence agencies and counter-terrorism under the question of “The Role of the Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies in Combating Terrorism”
  • Candyce Kelshall is examining the phenomenon of piracy in Somalia, and considering whether existing paradigms of terrorism, crime and piracy should be updated and developed when considering the Somali case.
  • Mariam Elakama is in her first year of study, researching the effectiveness of aid agencies working in the developing world.
  • Bryony Norburn is working on intelligence history and Bletchley Park. She is in her first year of study, researching the role that women played at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.
  • Andreas Banoutsos is in the final stages of an DPhil degree, which conducts a comparative analysis of domestic security and intelligence agencies in the UK and Greece.

Successful graduates


  • Megan Munroe (DPhil): A morphological analysis of sporting mega-even security policy
  • Randy Wilson (MPhil): Police intelligence in a counter-insurgency.  Read more about Randy’s experiences.


  • Twana Bawa (DPhil): The privatisation of security in the Kurdish region of Iraq


  • Eugene Eji (DPhil): Terrorism in Nigeria: Threats, responses and strategy
  • Tony Percy (DPhil): Liberal Democracy under Stress: the Oxford Mind and the Threat of Totalitarianism
  • Edmar Salem (DPhil): Female Suicide Bombers: a Comparative Study of Public Attitudes within the Conflicts of Iraq, Israel/Palestine, and Sri Lanka
  • Giles Wollenmann (DPhil): Liberal Intolerance: Applying Borum’s phase model to help identify an in-group’s susceptibility towards ideological development
  • Mohamed Salem (DPhil): Iran and Threat Perception in the Arabian Gulf: A Case Study of the UAE

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