Hunter Street Library


The present Hunter Street Library occupies the area where the University Library was originally established in 1975, together with an extension which was opened in July 1997. The main floor of the original Library was once the barracks of the Royal Bucks Hussars. Some of the beams have inscriptions dating from the early 19th century. The 1997 extension provided a new entrance for the Library next to the Anthony de Rothschild Building.

Subject coverage

The main subject areas are: Accounting, Business, Economics, History, Politics, Language, Literature. The Library also has a collection of DVDs to support courses in various subjects, such as Film Studies and Literature. The former Language Library is now part of the main collection, and largely integrated with it. The general loan language books (those with the “Lan” prefix to the shelf number) are in the Comino Trust Room.

Outline of classification scheme:

070 Journalism 200 Religion
300 Sociology 320 Politics
330 Economics 350 Government
370 Education 380 Commerce
400 Language 650 Business
700 Art 800 Literature
900 History