Being away from home and from family can be stressful so it is normal to experience apprehension and anxiety for the first few weeks, or months. Unfamiliar sights and sounds, food and climate, not to mention a difference in social roles and behaviour, can all contribute towards ‘culture shock’ and make you homesick. Homesickness is normally temporary and the UKCISA website has an excellent guide on how to deal with it. They suggest that you:

  • keep in touch with your home, by letter, telephone or email
  • have familiar personal effects around you such as photos and ornaments
  • take regular exercise
  • make friends and socialise with other cultures, as well as your own
  • take advantage of help offered by the Wellbeing, Skills and Diversity team
  • join in with Students’ Union activities
  • talk to people – don’t isolate yourself

The following websites offer advice on dealing with homesickness and depression:

The following websites offer information for students concerning telephone calls from the UK, and a general comparison of Telephone Service Providers and Internet Service (Broadband) Providers.  Please note that The University of Buckingham is not responsible for the content of these websites.  The links on this page do not constitute official recommendations or endorsement of any particular service provider: