Food in the UK

When you first come to the UK you may find ‘English’ food rather odd. But, as Britain is such a multi-cultural society, you will be able to find a lot of the same foods in shops and supermarkets that you have at home. There are also a variety of restaurants serving a range of international cuisine, where you can eat out. Our catering on campus is very flexible and if you have a favourite food, why not give them a recipe and they may be able to put it on the menu!

You can check the general rules on bringing food items into the UK on the government website.

Due to African swine fever (a disease affecting pigs), please make sure you do not pack any meat products if you are entering the UK, even if you are coming from within the EU. If your family or friends are planning to send you any gifts by post, please ask them not to send any meat products. This notice from the Animal & Plant Health Agency will help you learn more. Dairy products from outside the European Union are also banned.