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14 August 2017

Publication of the week: Professor Anthony Glees with James Ridley-Jones

Anthony Glees with James Ridley-Jones, “Viewpoint: The current challenges to UK national security and how they might be addressed”, Journal of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers 25.1 (2017), 40-54. ISSN 1039-1525. This article offers a qualitative assessment of … Read more >

24 July 2017

Publication of the week: Dr Julian Richards

Julian Richards, Extremism, Radicalization and Security: An Identity Theory Approach (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). 228pp. ISBN 978-3-319-55202-6. When trying to unravel the mystery of why an individual in our society will take a path of violent extremism against his or … Read more >

10 July 2017

In the news – Spring-Summer 2017

Over the summer, Professor Anthony Glees had, at one point, over 4,400 hits on the Google News tab, including interviews he has given to many major national and international newspapers and magazines reflecting national and international concerns with security and … Read more >

1 January 2017

In the news – January-February 2017

TV and radio appearances Professor Anthony Glees was interviewed about: the Berlin attacks by Sky TV News, BBC News Channel, BBC World Service TV, France 24 News, Channel News Asia, BBC World Service News, BBC Radio Five Live, BBC Essex, … Read more >

1 December 2016

In the news – December 2016

Radio appearances Professor Glees was interviewed about: the speech given by Alex Younger (‘C’ of MI6) warning about Russian activities as well as Daesh on BBC Radio Oxford. the very serious stand-off between president-elect Trump and the CIA, NSA and … Read more >

21 November 2016

Publication of the week: Professor Anthony Glees

Glees, A., “Prevention strategies to counter Daesh extremism in the UK”, in  B. Gorawantschy & R. Gunaratna (eds), Countering Daesh Extremism: European and Asian Responses (Singapore: International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research & Konrad Adenauer Foundation, 2016), 221-239. … Read more >

1 November 2016

In the news – November 2016

Dr Julian Richards appeared on BBC Three Counties and LBC Radio commenting on various issues to do with terrorism and counter-terrorism policy here and in Iraq. Dr Richards was also interviewed by France 24 and BBC Radio Berkshire, commenting on … Read more >

1 October 2016

In the news – October 2016

Professor Anthony Glees: Radio and TV appearances Brexit on WDR, West German Radio. Mrs May and Brexit policies on West German Radio WDR 1 the report that Yahoo allowed the NSA to mine its data on BBC World TV border … Read more >

1 September 2016

In the news – September 2016

Professor Anthony Glees appearances: “International experts have differing views on need for European army”, Penza News, 31 August “MP Keith Vaz’s angry constituents say he has brought shame on Leicester and should quit”, The Mirror, 4 September “Sex shame politician … Read more >

2 August 2016

In the news – August 2016

TV and radio appearance: Professor Glees was interviewed about: the latest IS-inspired terror attack in Rouen on Talk Radio, BBC News Channel, BBC Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine Programme, Premier Christian Radio and BBC Oxford the UK border agency issues on … Read more >

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