Study English

The English Department is a friendly place with very high aspirations for each of its students, both during the time of their degree and in the wider world. The academic advantages most often cited for studying with us are:

  • the department’s high ranking
  • its internationally reputed teaching staff in English and Journalism
  • its excellent student:staff ratio (10.5 students per teacher). There is time for personal attention and real learning.
  • positive rapport with staff. You are part of a community within which you are valued and encouraged to do well.
  • exciting work placements on some course combinations, usually London-based. These are typically in the media communications industries for students to get hands-on experience. There is no better way of getting into a career later than having relevant work experience as a student.

Our recent students have been wonderful groups of people. There have been a mix of about 55% UK and 45% overseas, with students from across Britain, including some local students from Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties, and also overseas students from countries where English is spoken as a second or foreign language: Arab Emirates, Bahamas, China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Jamaica, Japan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, USA.