Masters level study can improve your job prospects. Pursue your passion and gain a higher qualification with postgraduate study.

Postgraduate study can increase your earning potential on average by £7,000 more per year than someone graduating with just an undergraduate degree (Graduate labour market statistics, 2020). And with our two-year model, you can complete both your undergraduate and master’s degree with us in just three yearssaving you time and money.  

We offer a range of master’s programmes which are supported by our excellent research institutes and centres on campus. We work with the Institute of International Monetary Researchthe Initiative for Free Tradethe Centre for United Nations Studies and the Vinson Centre for Economics and Entrepreneurship. These institutes hold regular seminars and events with speakers from all over the world, providing opportunities for networking, internships for students, and an overall global outlook to your studies.    

At PhD level we offer supervision across a range of areas in economics, politics and international relations, with particular strengths in the banking system and central banking, macro-financial linkages, energy economics, political theory, the United Nations, the EU, and Cuban Studies. 

Students undertake supervised but independent research, at the end of which they submit a thesis embodying the results of that research. This can be completed as full-time study, taking three years, or part-time study, taking six years.  

We are always looking for interesting new research proposals that will either discover new knowledge or approach something with a new and independent critical approach. 

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