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Undergraduate Study

A degree from Buckingham Business School will enable you to follow many career paths. Compared to graduates in other business schools, holders of degrees from Buckingham enter the labour market with a degree qualification a year before their counterparts, with important implications for earnings potential and cash flow.

We offer a number of exciting undergraduate degrees in:

Our programmes are planned to range over 2 years and 8 terms although there is some flexibility.  They are delivered via tutorials, seminars and formal lectures and all of our programmes include a set of core courses and a range of options to choose from.

With flexible entry points in September and January, one of the best student to staff ratios in the UK, and established and respected 2-year honours degrees, what are you waiting for?

Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate study at Buckingham is available in the form of taught programmes in specialist areas and supervised academic research.

A series of imaginative and market-relevant MSc programmes have been developed in:

All the programmes, if studied full-time, last for a year and are spread over 4 terms.

Students are assessed through a range of methods, including coursework (essays, reports) presentations, exams, projects and dissertations.

Class sizes are kept small, to enable highly personalised staff/student interaction.

Research activities in the School of Business tend to be clustered around the personal expertise and interests of individual members of faculty. In this respect we are no different from other university business schools; but due to our relatively small size, it does mean that we have to be highly selective in the opportunities we pursue and we focus our resources in research areas relevant to our student and client base.

Applying to the School of Business

There are two ways in which you can apply to study at Buckingham Business School:

After your degree

Students who have studied at Buckingham Business School have gone to successful careers in many strands of business such as financial services, consultancy, accounting, sales and marketing, operations, human resource management and information technology. Similarly, they have succeeded in both large and small companies in many parts of the globe.