Undergraduate & Foundation International Fees

Entry to many Buckingham programmes is possible in January and September. Although as an independent University Buckingham charges higher fees, studying here can make real financial sense as you can see from the figures below (you may find it useful to use the Universal Currency Converter). See our definition of fee status for details of who qualifies as an international student.

If your degree programme fees are not listed or if you have any questions, please contact the Student Fees Office. You may also find it useful to look at our Accommodation fees to help you to budget for your living expenses during your studies.

Fee increases

*The University reserves the right to increase course fees annually in line with inflation linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI) to take account of the University’s increased costs of delivering educational services. If the University intends to increase your course fees it will notify you via email of this as soon as reasonably practicable.

Foundation level courses


Termly fee 2017/18

Termly fee 2018/19

Access to Computing (1-term) – September start £3,000 (x1 = £3,000) £3,150 (x1 = £3,150)
Pre-sessional English language Foundation programme  September, January, April, July  start £3,111 £3,150
International Foundation Programme (3-terms) – January start *£3,111 (x3 = £9,333) *£3,150 (x3 = £9,450)
Foundation Pathway (3-terms) – September or January start *£3,111 (x3 = £9,333) *£3,150 (x3 = £9,450)
Undergraduate degree – September 2018 start
Tuition Fees
8-term Business degree
Tuition Fees
9-term degree
Year one £17,800 £15,468
Year two *£17,800 *£15,468
Year three *£3,864
Total *£35,600 *£34,800

For termly payment information, visit our detailed fee breakdown.

Undergraduate degree – January 2019 start
Tuition Fees
Year one *£17,800
Year two *£17,800
Total *£35,600

For termly payment information, visit our detailed fee breakdown.

MB ChB – January 2019 start

The University is a not-for-profit charity that receives no government subsidy, thus all students must meet the full economic cost of training. Tuition fees are £36,500 per annum for EU and overseas students starting in January 2019.*,

Fee illustration
Buckingham Other UK Universities
Tuition Living Costs Tuition Living Costs
Year one £17,800 £8,200 £12,100 £8,200
Year two *£17,800 £8,200 £12,100 £8,200
Year three 0 0 £12,100 £8,200
Sub-total *£35,600 £16,400 £36,300 £24,600
Total £51,200 £60,900
(This illustration is based on an international student starting an undergraduate 8-term degree in September 2019)