Department of Economics and International Studies

Department of Economics and International Studies

The Department of Economics and International Studies is an interdisciplinary group of economists, political scientists and, security and intelligence experts. We are active researchers and regularly publish in leading academic journals which we blend into our teaching.

Our philosophy is to treat economics and politics as interrelated subjects and we are dedicated to the analysis of the economic, social and political phenomena and problems arising in an increasingly interdependent world. Our range of degree courses cover diverse areas such as development economics, econometrics and microeconomic policy through to political theory, philosophy, the politics of China and cybersecurity.

Students study a wide range of countries, institutions and policy issues while developing an appreciation of the differing perspectives offered by the social sciences.

Home to the BUCSIS (Centre for Security and Intelligence studies) and with our connections to the IIMR  (Institute of International Monetary Research), our students can study from master’s level, up to PhD.

We have recently announced a major new Scholarship fund for UK undergraduate students on economics courses, from the Nobel Prize-winning economist Prof Ronald Coase, starting in September 2021. Find out more.