Mihir Raniga (BSc Computing, 2022)

Mihir RanigaI have been interested in computing and technology from a young age. It always has, and continues to fascinate me how things work. I studied computing at GCSE and Sixth Form level here in the UK, not only learning basic programming but also how vital a role technology plays in business today. So, it was only natural to want to pursue this at a higher education level.

I found The University of Buckingham at a UCAS event and after speaking with a member of staff, was immediately intrigued with the idea of a two-year degree programme! I met the lecturers and the Dean of Computing at an open day where I learnt more about the BSc Computing course, the focus on smaller, more personal classes, not to mention the lovely campus.

I loved that the course covered all aspects and areas of computing in great detail – from basic programming, to web development, cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence with interesting and challenging projects, both in groups and individual. My final year project was to build an image-processing application that automatically detects cracks on solar panels. During my time, I also joined the Gaming Society, where I met new people and even went on a trip to London Comic Con.

The pandemic was tough for everybody, and although we were studying virtually for most of it, the Lecturers were always approachable and on-hand to assist, and everybody at the University was very supportive. The small class sizes really helped with this, encouraging discussion and questions.

Having graduated in December 2021, I am now working as an intern Assistant Data Manager at Vitalograph here in Buckingham, where I get to use my knowledge of SQL to work on databases, queries and reports.

I hope to continue using the knowledge and skills I have learnt at The University of Buckingham throughout my future career.