Praveen Kumar Guntoju (MSc Innovative Computing, 2019)

After graduating with a BSc in Information Technology from Osmania University (Hyderabad, India) I worked as a Web Developer for a couple of years before deciding to pursue my master’s degree.

I decided to do my studies at University of Buckingham based on the recommendation of my brother who also encouraged me to do my own research into the institution. Based on independent research and talking to former students as well as staff I felt that Buckingham met the key requirements I was looking for in my next place of study. The admissions process was very smooth from start to finish; the staff were always happy to answer questions I had and guided me in completing all the necessary documentation.

During my time at Buckingham I was especially impressed by the small classes as well as the open-door policy of the School of Computing. Firstly, the small classes meant that no student was left behind as the lecturers were able to provide support as part of a group as well as individually. I also greatly benefited from the open-door policy, as I was able to approach any of my lecturers whenever I required both academic and career advice.

Apart from the specialist knowledge and advanced programming skills, the MSc Innovative Computing programme enabled me to develop a range of employability skills. For instance, the group work we had in some of the modules were especially beneficial now as they helped me improve my confidence and learned to prioritise my work. This helped me secure employment as a Software Developer at Deepnet Security (UK) straight after completing my studies. In my current role I have learned a lot on security of applications and latest technologies to secure data.

I would recommend University of Buckingham to anyone considering joining as the people here are very outward looking, very supportive and truly care about your success both academically and as an individual who is going to join and contribute to the society. I have gained an education leading me to employment in the UK and have also made friendships for life. The overall experience has been fantastic.