Daniel Okebukola (BSc Computing, 2011 & MSc Computing by Research), 2012

I have always had a passion for computers and technology, mainly using them to provide logical and mathematical solutions to problems.

The 2-year degree programme offered at Buckingham was the main source of attraction for me; meaning I could conclude my degree in record time. Also, my elder brother was already at the university studying for his MPhil/DPhil in Law. Buckingham also offered a family discount for members of the same immediate family. Therefore, studying at Buckingham was a no-brainer and an easy choice for me.

I started my degree programme in January 2009 and finished in December 2010. I then decided to stay on at Buckingham and proceed to do my MSc degree because Buckingham offered a January start for MSc degree programme and I was offered a part scholarship for completing my degree with a 2:1.

I had the opportunity of serving as the Vice President of the Computing Society where we organized several events and raised money for charitable causes. I was also an active member of the music society, playing the piano and keyboards at several concerts and charity events organized at the university.

Studying at Buckingham was very instrumental towards me becoming a software engineering professional. This is because Buckingham offered a hands-on and practical approach to teaching computing and software engineering best practices. The ratio of lecturer to student was very good when compared to other universities, meaning lecturers could focus on individual students and help with difficult subjects/modules. Therefore, I would say the student experience was extremely positive. In addition to the academic achievements, I built life-long friendships with people of different heritage, backgrounds and cultures. This is as a result of Buckingham’s inclusive multicultural community.

Since graduating, I have worked as a software development consultant on several successful independent projects for various industries whilst utilizing the skills acquired at Buckingham. I currently work as a software engineer at Exclaimer, a fast-growing software company based in Farnborough, England where I develop and maintain the company’s internal software systems. Prior to me working at Exclaimer, I worked at The Crowley Company as a software engineer where I was responsible for software/hardware integration of microfilm and book scanners as well as implementing complex imaging solutions.

Studying at Buckingham also equipped me with the confidence to explore my entrepreneurial goals; in addition to my paid jobs, I have started looking at gaps in different markets and figuring out software solutions I can provide.