Asha Krishnan (BSc Computing, 2021)

I transferred to Buckingham in September 2018. The University stood out to me because they provided me with a huge amount of flexibility and support when transferring. It also seemed a clear choice because of the small class sizes and the emphasis on providing quality teaching. These factors, amongst others, did in fact combine to make an unmatched learning experience.

The curriculum is kept up to date with industry standards and modules were regularly reviewed and evolved to match the ever -changing requirements of Computing. In particular, the practical elements of modules were a highlight. Teaching focussed on giving students relevant experience to be prepared for work. The benefit of the smaller class sizes was clear here, as you can go further in depth on any topic with the guidance of lecturers and teaching assistants. The highlight of my degree was my final year project titled “File Encryption using Face Recognition”. As well as applying the knowledge I learnt in my other modules, completing this project gave me practical experience in many new areas.

There were several opportunities that I was able to take advantage of whilst at Buckingham. To name a few: working as an instructor for a web development course the university helped facilitate, leading outreach sessions in a local primary school and conducting drop-in sessions for one of the Computing modules. These experiences proved to be invaluable in developing my communication, presentation and management skills. Skills which have been repeatedly called upon since my time at Buckingham.

I am now pursuing a master’s at the University of Leeds. The benefits the BSc Computing course provided me with go further than relevant, cutting-edge knowledge. It also gave me a foundation of skills and experiences which have proven to be fundamental in shaping my experiences after I graduated.