Bo Wurtz (2 August 2017)

Bo started as a salesman at Bang & Olufsen. He sold high-end audio equipment that ranged from headphones to loudspeakers. He learned what made a good loudspeaker and also what it took to make a good salesman. Learning how to persuade people to buy audio equipment would help him later in life.

He decided to go into property investments. After a long streak of success, interest rates began to go up, which was problematic for Bo as he had leveraged quite a few properties and he needed to pay the mortgages but the yield from the properties barely covered it. The final nail in the coffin came when his bank went bankrupt. His career in property was over and he had to start afresh.

Bo decided to move back to an industry where he felt comfortable, the sound business. He created a company called Tibo. He and his team at Tibo have developed a state-of-the-art smart loudspeaker, which enables one to give voice-activated commands to the loudspeaker and ask it questions. With help from Chinese manufacturers he was able to design and create the product even though he did run into problems from time to time regarding the way the loudspeakers sounded. He was able to incorporate Amazon technology, making it one of the most sophisticated loudspeakers on the market.

Bo has had a successful career and has learned and achieved a lot in different industries. The lessons he shared with us included working hard and being humble. This is due to the fact that above all hard work and perseverance will help you to achieve your goals. Being humble will gain you respect when dealing with other cultures, especially in the Far East. If Bo continues to innovate at the same rate he will go on to achieve even greater things in the sound industry.

Based on a report by Sebastian Serrudo-Gossner