Nick Wilson (19 July 2017)

Nick Wilson’s talk was certainly unique given his interesting mix of military and entrepreneurial experience.  The core values which lie at the heart of how the British Armed Forces operates – integrity, courage, respect and honour – were not only lived by during his 15 years in the army, but also continued in the running of Nick’s first business: a chauffeur company which had revenues of £250,000 by the end of year three.

What was perhaps most interesting about Nick’s talk was the way in which he connected the dots between the worlds of the Armed Forces and business. Indeed, by the end of the evening it didn’t seem like there was such a massive distinction at all.  Nick picked up on the parallels that to survive on either the battlefield or business world, one must first attempt to discover who they truly are – not just in terms of strengths, weaknesses and motivations, but also where they hope to find themselves and areas of character that may need development.

As a strong believer in communicative skills and values, Nick emphasised the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how it may be used in any setting, to deliver results from a prospective customer. Nick emphasised that this, combined with Rapport building, is integral to any business person’s ability to engage effectively in any form of business. As he put it, “If you are unable to gain the trust and understanding of the person you’re talking to, then you will struggle to sell”.

Having become a published author, negotiating the successful buyout of his Chauffeur company, and setting up a new Coaching / Mentorship business – all while dealing with the daily, mental health and physical challenges, of PTSD and an injured back, after 15 years’ service in the Army. Nick’s story is one of Drive, Passion, Purpose and Values. It is clear that, Nick not only proclaims the Armed Forces’ core values, as recommended life values, but truly integrates them into his business way of life, in a way which has helped him realise massive success since his exit from the Army.

Based on a report by Connor Shotton-Oza