Naomi Timperley (26 July 2017)

An interesting character, described on her own website as the “most dynamic person” a marketing specialist in the entertainment industry had ever met, Naomi Timperley has lived a varied life, going from a stay-at-home mum to being listed on her LinkedIn account in a senior position for six different organisations.

Naomi outlined some of the important experiences in her life that she thought the students could learn from. The best piece of advice she said she could give was to make good connections with as many people as possible from networking events and talks. She explained that to this day she keeps in regular contact with people from her very first networking event many years ago, as well as outlining the importance of asking questions and finding things in common to build rapport. The theme of rapport continued from the talk with Nick Wilson last week.

Another interesting point to mention is that she had graduated with a Master’s from Manchester Metropolitan University the day before she gave the talk to the students, in addition to her role with six different organisations. From this it is perhaps important to recognise that good entrepreneurs can manage their time efficiently to achieve their goals. To have achieved the degree in addition to her various roles and looking after kids is without doubt remarkable.

The final important point from the talk was when she outlined that the best ideas can come from children because she believes that they think without filters, so much so that she presented a TEDx talk with her daughter about the topic. An interesting point to consider should any of the students be struggling to come up with ideas for their businesses.

Based on a report by Jack Tyers