StartUp Britain bus tour (27 July 2016)

This week’s adventure involved a trip to Milton Keynes, under the shadow of the Xscape. I had only to set foot on the StartUp Britain tour bus before Costa, one of the tour’s organisers, had me in his sights.

“So explain your business to me…”

“…and what are the three biggest problems you’re facing right now?”

“I see. I would suggest you begin by identifying you’re most accessible consumer segment and focusing you’re…”

And it didn’t stop there. Wearing shirts emblazoned with “I’m an entrepreneur, ask me anything” it was clear that this was a good place to find some expertise. Steve, another entrepreneur, told me of his business and of some training avenues I might explore before we were led upstairs to have a meeting with a Barclays representative and some other officials, and discussed different methods of both aiding young start-ups and creating greater inter-connectivity between enterprise supporting organisations.

All said it was an informative trip, as well as a chance to discover new resources for start-ups.

Report by Christopher Bomfim