Professor Andy Penaluna (11 March 2015)

Andy Penaluna is Professor of Creative Entrepreneurship at the University of Wales Trinity St David, and has an advisory role with the Welsh and UK Governments, as well as being an illustrator and surfboard designer.  He is a well-established educator in the fields of creativity for businesses and business for creatives. Having been the Chair of Enterprise Educators in the UK, the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Entrepreneurial Learning Group and the QAA’s enterprise guidance team, he has led and helped to lead policy papers and reports. Andy is also an advisor for the European Commission and the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development.

“I am very much a teacher”, asserts Andy. He proudly remarks on his constant acknowledgement of his past students, as they have shared their experiences of life after graduation. He mentioned how they would come back and respond to him, “You know, you didn’t really teach me this …”. He firmly believes that teachers learn from their students as well as vice versa.

Andy advised us, “Always have other plans because something can always go wrong”. He also said that a brand and trademark can mean life or death for a business: if Coca Cola lost their factories but kept their brand, the business would be back up and running within three weeks. Entrepreneurs should think about their qualities.  Are you ambitious? Optimistic? Passionate? Or are you a deep thinker and good under pressure? All qualities that people need in business.  He also said that the growth of a business or idea is down to people’s understanding.  If they don’t understand what is proposed, how can it succeed? Another quote from Andy that stands out is: “until you have failed in some way, you will not know your limits”. Always push yourself even if you fail, learn from your mistakes and learn from other people.

Based on reports by Troy Vu and Emily Pearson