Corbyn Munnik (20 August 2014)

Corbyn originally studied accounting and finance before enrolling on the New Entrepreneurs Foundation programme (NEF). This inspired his entrepreneurial edge and he is now the CEO of a company called Sliide. Sliide puts content on lock screens on android phones, and he has already had interest from major advertising agencies and global companies.  Corbyn and his small team are at the beta stage of their app, and have received substantial pre-launch investment commitments.  His business model revolves around getting interest from these companies, finding out what they want, and then encouraging them to fund development of his app so that he can start to sell it to the public.  The content of the adverts is classy and enhances the user experience, rather than the invasive banner ads we are used to.  Corbyn’s best advice would be to find out what the customers want and work from there, rather than coming up with something on the basis of what you would like yourself.

Based on a report by Tom Bowen