John P. Morgan (19 February 2014)

People usually expect a business oriented individual to be quite stern, but some entrepreneurs are fairly laid back like John P. Morgan; a self-confessed free spirit who studied Physics and Maths at university. During his time there he went to small businesses to network their computers and made money doing so. John worked for a company after he graduated but this was very brief, as he quit after six weeks.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to become an estate agent. A stand-out moment was when he bought a house for half a million dollars without investing a dollar of his own.  Three years after this, he sold his half of the business and bought a one-way ticket to Malaysia; John refers to this as an unconscious, intuitive way of living. He created a web company which he ran whilst backpacking. John clearly has the ability to take risks which is something all entrepreneurs must be willing to do.

John’s business approach is determined by asking himself what he wants to do and his orientation is simply led by the desire to help people achieve. He is now a life coach, getting paid to do what he loves whilst making an impact. John advised that rather than asking ourselves how we are going to be successful, we should ask ourselves two questions: “Who will you serve today?” and “What will you create today?” Rather than looking for a job, create one.

He wanted us to keep in mind that there are two strategies to success: tenacity and flexibility. Tenacity refers to the ability to keep on going and flexibility simply means not to keep going in the same direction. As an entrepreneur, one must be able to innovate and keep improving.

(based on an article by Abisoye Owolabi)

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