Adam McGill, Fizz Group (24 February 2016)

Nigel Adams greets Adam McGill who arrived at Buckingham by helicopter

Nigel Adams greets Adam McGill who arrived at Buckingham by helicopter

Fizz Group started when Adam was just 15 years old. He saw the perfect gap in the market when he received his school yearbook and straightaway knew that he could have done the design of the book much better. From that moment forward, he found himself a business that he knew he’d be passionate about.  Fizz Group now produces high-quality school yearbooks, memorabilia and photos.

Adam’s motivation in the business world is generating profit, but with all of his success came a lot of difficulties which became a part of his journey. There were periods of sacrifice, loneliness and stress in his life where he had no option but to succeed.  He recommended always keeping business and personal relationships separate from one another as the business world is a place full of ruthless wolves: “Only trust your mother”.

Adam explained the importance of understanding the law and of being aware of how crucial cashflow is, but the advice that stood out to me the most was that being an entrepreneur is no easy task. You cannot simply hope to succeed or you will ultimately fail. If you decide on becoming an entrepreneur, then you have to want to become one as much as you want to breathe air, as becoming an entrepreneur consumes your whole life.

Based on a report by Phillip Schwartz