Graeme Laws (12 February 2014)

Graeme Laws is an inspirational individual who has worked his way from being an “ink monkey’’ to now running his own manufacturing consultancy firm MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service).  He enthused the BBE students with the entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and determination required for individuals to succeed in the world of running your own business.

He described how, after starting work at 16, he was offered the opportunity to go to university as a mature student. Then he took voluntary redundancy just before leaving university, and viewed this as the opportunity to start up his own company. This shows that you need to take risks and the opportunities that are put in front of you in life.  Unlike a lot of the students Graeme at the time had children, a wife and a lot of debt which could have deterred him from his ambitions, so the message was “if he can do it then we can all do it”.

From his passion for building things in his garage, to buying the latest gadgets and his love for all things printing-related, you can see he has a right-brain approach to life which is creative, impulsive and extravagant, though he thinks his talents also lie in problem solving, management systems and operations management.  You could say he is multi-talented. Graeme is an individual that has worked hard and succeeded in his ambitions and goals, but this hasn’t stopped him from recently setting up another company: Beyond Touch.  His thirst for success and passion in business, manufacturing and life in general showed through the talk. While running several companies he has also become a Winslow Town Councillor and member of the development and resources committees.

Once the talk was finished quite a few of the students wanted to ask advice and Graeme happily obliged.  This was a great opportunity for us to network with a very well connected individual and gain insight into what it takes to make it as a business owner.

(based on an article by Matthew Oxley)