Caroline Keynon (7 September 2016)

This evening’s talk with Caroline Kenyon was different to any we’ve had before; she told a story about her life and integrated points about her business milestones within the story. She studied for a law undergraduate degree, but quickly established this was not the right correct career choice. While at university she was involved in student journalism and this was the beginning of her early career. At the age of 22 Caroline was a freelance journalist in London, however this was merely for experience because the money involved wasn’t enough to get by on long-term. At 27, she was given the post as editor of a travel magazine and this is where her career really began to flourish. One of the lessons she learned over the years was always to take the opportunity to meet new people, regardless of first impressions; networking and connections are vitally important. After 5 years as editor, she married and moved up north from London to set up a PR agency specialising in food. This business now employees 8 people and has taken a new course of action. It is now called the Food Awards Company, which hosts two awards, one for food photography and the other for artisan bread. They are now sponsored by the likes of Pink Lady apples whose CEO has been a mentor to Caroline over the years. In conclusion, Caroline’s story was a testament to how hard work and smart decision-making can result in career success.

Based on a report by Rafael Peters