Placi Espejo (24 July 2013)

From the moment Placi entered the room she commanded the audience (especially the men) and captivated the minds of the BBE aspiring entrepreneurs. She was direct, sharp as a knife but warm and kindly; a powerful and key concoction for a successful entrepreneur.

Placi is an eco-warrior, mentor, Partnership Manager of Bicester Vision and Deputy Chair of Oxford Business First. Spanish by origin, she spoke very clearly at a nice pace, which was both helpful and surprising compared to some English entrepreneurs.

She hammered home the importance of an effective elevator pitch and her business tool ‘the 3 part rule’ to keep a nice flow and create interest when presenting. She made it clear how we should approach describing our businesses. “Don’t address what you are, explain why and whose problem you are the solution too!”

Placi explained about her work-influenced upbringing, helping in her parents’ restaurant from a very early age, having to work for her money, and work hard; she also mentioned being a tough negotiator.

Another area Placi highlighted was the importance of financial control. She explained the reasons for understanding and interpreting the data correctly to ensure you make the right decisions for your business.

The one key difference Placi brought to her talk was her no-nonsense manner. She’s a “do it or ditch it” woman and very much a perfect embodiment of a female successful entrepreneur.

(based on an article by Esme Finch)