Agnes Cserhati (13 March 2013)

Agnes Cserhati is an inspiring entrepreneur who has gone from nothing to something. She came from Hungary and grew up just after the collapse of communism. She started a business when she was 17, and 23 years later she is still running her business as a power coach.

To get to where she is today she had to overcome many obstacles. Before she turned 17 she landed her first contract. This happened when she went to get a haircut and met someone who needed a translator. She managed to convince the client to take her on and started to gain a positive reputation as a freelance translator. She did not know anything about business but she ‘faked until she made it’.

The advice she gave was that you need to have a genuine passion for what you want to do which will give you the drive to succeed. She also says you need to have an ability to spot the opportunity. She describes the process for business idea successes in the following way. You need to have a dream, turn that dream into an idea, take action on that idea to turn it into reality and success.

(based on an article by Christopher Constantinides)