Michaela Craft (12 August 2015)

Michaela Craft set up telephone marketing company Xen Consultants in 2008, originally to fund her daughter’s dance lessons but now with a turnover of £500,000 and about 30 repeat clients such as Panasonic and Visioncall.

Michaela emphasised the importance of communication and the need for businesses to use it appropriately.  She stated that there are in fact three forms: words (which have a 7% impact), voice (38% impact) and body language (55%).  How you say something can be more important than what you say.

“We don’t sell, we are British” – a phrase Michaela used, suggesting that at her telephone marketing company, they don’t just sell, it’s more than that: identifying that someone has a need for your product, and persuading them – in subtle ways –  that your product is the most suitable solution to their problem.

Michaela also talked about the importance of building up a good team and learning to delegate.  Part of being a successful entrepreneur is to have a company which still works when you’re not there.

Michaela’s talk was very helpful and useful, and it gave a good insight into better ways to sell yourself and your product, with results – which in my opinion is the most important thing.

Based on an article by Biobele Oyibo