Andre Campbell, 1 August 2012

Andre has a passion to encourage young people to follow what they want to do in order to ‘save a generation’. He is an incredibly good motivator as he asked lots of rhetorical questions regarding the choices we are going to have to make in the future.

Andre grew up in Stratford, London. He looked out of his window when he was young and could see Canary Wharf. This gave him an inspiration to be ‘someone’ some day. His first aspiration was to become an investment banker but as he grew older he found he couldn’t bear to stand still so this soon become irrelevant and he aspired on.

Andre co-founded ‘Enfuse Youth’ in 2009. Their mission is to enthuse people to succeed. He has generated nearly £250,000 worth of employment opportunities. His main ambition was to make people entrepreneurial but in large organisations, known as being intrapreneurial.

Youth unemployment will cost us a projected £24 billion over the next 10 years. Due to this there has been a £1 billion cash pot put aside for a youth employment scheme. This is not proving effective and needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Andre has travelled to Ethiopia and learned that anything is achievable when you make the best out of the resources that are available. It is important you take advantage of the resources you have whilst they are there.

Some of the quotes used by Andre were, “Young people love brands but they refuse to be their own. We all follow the crowd, but it is those who don’t that make a difference and that is entrepreneurship.” And “Think big, start small, move fast!”

Overall I think Andre is an inspiration and feel that his experience will be able to inspire and motivate other young people to be able to achieve and most importantly figure out the answer to the question, “so why are you chasing that carrot?”

Report by Andrew McIntyre