Andrew Bernard on Innovative Enterprise, 16 February 2011

Andrew Bernard (aka Bernie), a renowned speaker and founder of the company Innovative Enterprise, gave an interactive and engaging lecture at the ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Business Success Stories’ workshop organised by the Business School of The University of Buckingham on 16 February 2011. The theme of the seminar was bringing the future to life. If there was ever an evening full of life it would be on this occasion – it was fun, inspiring and full of life.

Having led a rocky and unfulfilled lifestyle (often bullied at work), Bernie decided to make a turning point in 2005 when he realised the one thing that makes him happy was working with young people. Hence the start of Innovative Enterprise, a company geared towards delivering exciting enterprise, business and development workshops to schools in the UK. The company has successfully worked with more than 10% of the secondary schools in the UK and delivered workshops to over 20,000 students across the nation. It has had layers of consistent success in business development for small, medium and large companies.

“If innovation and creativity were approved sports in the coming Olympics, then Innovative Enterprise would be a strong contender for gold medals.” (Someone in the audience)

The workshop started with an interactive session where individuals were grouped in fours and fives in order to identify the business prospects hidden in the different mystery objects given to each group. This exercise encouraged teamwork and deep thinking.

Bernie shed more light into his background thereafter, often encouraging people to engage in life activities that make them feel good. His words were followed with rapt attention whilst explaining the unhappy past which gave birth to the delightful days he is enjoying now. This created an atmosphere where people calmly reflected similar experiences: deep in thoughts, it was obvious the message was sinking in well.

The Eco-Fish and the Talent Pool: This was another fun and innovative game introduced to the audience. The game challenges people’s understanding of risk management, decision making, negotiation, leadership, environment sustainability and the global politics of today’s economies – it drove home the concept of International Politics.

Bernie concluded the workshop with words encouraging individuals to follow their hearts and start their business ideas even in the face of imperfections. In his own words:


It was indeed one of those nights many would call one of a kind. One of those nights most would say they had a good time.

Report by Pawel Zdobnowski and Wale Akinlude (BSc Business Enterprise students)