Susanne Austin (5 August 2015)

The Importance of Having “Heart and Soul” in Business

After a varied career working in both Britain and the USA, Susanne Austin has become a businesswoman who is in touch with the natural environment.  In 2013 she co-organised the Oxfordshire Green Construction Showcase, after which she co-founded the Oxfordshire Green Construction Network, along with creating a series of Environmental Awareness Projects to assist one and all to work towards a greener Oxfordshire through pro-active collaboration, which led to her winning the NatWest Venus ‘Green Business’ Award for Oxfordshire in  November 2014.

Susanne has a very different perspective on business compared to many of the entrepreneurs who have talked to us. Having a focus on personal development has propelled her into many personal and environmental wellbeing-related projects and business ventures that have led her to speaking about the environment and environmentally-aware business at their premises as well as at big conferences.  All leading to Susanne having a future aim and ambition to speak at Wembley.

Susanne emphasised that money should not be the only driver for starting a business, but instead – businesses need to have an alternative focus to ensure their success in the future. Some business also fail to see the “big picture” of their business and how it relates to the changing terrain that is to be covered, while Susanne always plans for the future and ensures that every decision in her business has a positive impact for the future of the business.

Susanne shared that many have told her that she is MAD for her ideas and outlook in business and life in general. Instead of objecting to people saying that she was mad, she turned round the meaning, saying yes I am MAD = I am making a difference.

She said: “It’s not what bus you catch, it is knowing what stop to get off at” – that its important to know when to push on, as much as when to let go when something isn’t working and the signs are that it won’t in its current form. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and/or change.

Susanne has experienced many different experiences and lifestyles – at this time she dedicates her life to being a Guardian of Mother Earth, helping, guiding and enlightening not only businesses, but all who she meets, to have a more environmental focus.

Based on a report by Matthew Campbell