BLEU (Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit)

Lean – the BLEU Philosophy

Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU) members and staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines and schools of thought but all share a common philosophy and set of values.

Features of our approach include:

  • We define Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement widely – viewing them as a philosophy rather than a set of tools and methodologies. This philosophy encompasses all key business processes, linking business strategy and goals.
  • We consider that Lean and Continuous Improvement is not just a cost reduction tool kits concerned with waste removal but are mainly concerned with enhancing stakeholder value by releasing or creating capacity for growth and the realisation of benefits.
  • Whilst we maintain that the definition of lean thinking and CI is wide, we continue to challenge and question its relevance and strive to continually move thinking forward.
  •  We believe that it is essential to link lean and CI practice with academic theory, so we continue to bring world-class thinkers and practitioners together with academics to challenge thinking and develop new theories.

lean-enterprise-moduleBLEU Programmes

The Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU) team have been running MSc programmes since 1999 and have built a strong international reputation.   The BLEU team is made up of recognised, world-class professionals and all of the programme lecturers possess a combination of academic rigour and real-world battle scars.

Our programmes are specifically designed for practising managers working across all areas of business and range from 1-day courses right up to 2-year part-time master’s level.

We are now revitalising this programme and relaunching it as our MSc Lean Leadership.


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