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Settling in

Once you have registered at Buckingham and moved into your accommodation, it’s time to start settling in!

  1. Enjoy social events
  2. Events for parents, sponsors or guardians
  3. Start your studies
  4. Attend your matriculation ceremony
  5. Feeling homesick or lonely?

1. Enjoy social events

Welcome events

When you arrive at Buckingham the Students Union will make sure that you are made to feel welcome. Registration and Freshers’ events will be regularly added to this page over the coming weeks:

Join the conversation on social media. We will be posting students news and events regularly on our social media channels so make sure you follow @UniofBuckingham on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.

Tue 23

Pizza & Drinks with the VC

23 October 2018 @ 17:30 - 19:00

The Students Union

Located on the Hunter Street Campus, in the lovely converted Tanlaw Mill, the Students Union (SU) is the main social and recreational centre of the University.

Here you will find the Refectory, the Bar, the university gym and more. As well as organising lots of events and activities, the SU can help you form your own society.

You can also run for election to the SU Executive Committee and play your part in shaping student life here at Buckingham.

Find out more about the University of Buckingham Students Union, or follow on Facebook.

Clubs and societies

From Music to Debating, Chess to Photography, the Students Union has a society for every interest – or if there isn’t, why not start your own?

There are also societies based around courses, including English Literature, Computing and more; nationalities, such as Chinese and Indian Societies; and religion, such as the Christian Union and Islamic Society.

Find out more about Students Union Clubs and Societies.


Relax. Compete. Get fit. Our Sport and Fitness programme offers you the chance to compete or just have fun with sport, as well as opportunity to compete in varsity championships.

Also, the Health & Fitness Centre located on the top floor of the Tanlaw Mill has an extensive range of cardiovascular and resistance equipment and is open from 06:00 to 00:00, 7 days a week. Membership is £100 per year (or £60 for 6 months), available from the Sports Department.

Find out more about Sports or follow the Sports Union on Facebook.

The Film Place

The Film Place is Buckingham’s new cinema. It provides you with not only a cinema but also a great social place to meet. We have a 180-seat theatre and have already installed a 4m wide quality screen and a surround sound audio system.  Now we are working on further improvements so that we can provide an even more enjoyable experience.

Further information and listings information can be found at

2. Events for parents, sponsors or guardians

There are no upcoming events at this time.

3. Start your studies

Autumn term starts on 1 October 2018. See all term dates.

You will hear from your academic school with your timetable and reading lists. If you have any questions, please contact your school.

You can also find course information including module listings in the Curriculum Handbooks.

4. Attend your matriculation ceremony

29 October 2018 18:00 – 20:00

This special occasion will mark your formal admission to the University of Buckingham, where you will be welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor and other senior staff.

All our new undergraduate and postgraduate students are expected to attend as part of the experience of belonging to the University.

Find out more about Matriculation.

5. Feeling homesick or lonely?

If you’re struggling to settle in, don’t suffer in silence. We are here to help you.

When you register, you will be assigned a personal tutor for the duration of your studies. If you aren’t sure who it is, check with your school administrator – contact a department.

If you have a problem, share them with your Personal Tutor who will do their best to support you. You can find their contact details in the Staff Directory.

Alternatively, contact Student Welfare and ask for an appointment to see a Welfare Adviser.


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