Accreditation Details

The Buckingham LLB is recognised by the Joint Council of the Bar (external link) and the Law Society (external link) in England and Wales as a Qualifying Law Degree. That is, it enables a graduate to go on to pursue a course leading to a professional qualification (either that of Barrister at Law or Solicitor).

It is also recognised as a qualifying Law Degree in many countries whose legal systems are based on English Common Law and entitles Buckingham graduates to proceed to take professional qualifications in those countries, too. Such countries include the Bahamas, Nigeria and Pakistan.

With regard to other countries, it is usually possible for a Buckingham Law graduate to take a professional qualification either by firstly qualifying in England and Wales and then ‘converting’ to a local qualification, or in some cases by pursuing a course of study leading to a local qualification after graduating from Buckingham. Applicants requiring further information or advice on this are requested to contact the Admissions Tutor directly.