Introduction to Buckingham Law School

Professor Susan EdwardsAs the Dean of the Law School, I am very proud to be leading a truly wonderful law school with dedicated staff and committed students. We focus on ensuring that our students achieve the very best for themselves academically, professionally and as individuals. And we equip them with the skills to develop in a changing and challenging world as well as fostering an obligation to humanity and compassionate justice.

A degree from Buckingham is a passport into a successful career. All of our Alumni achieve great things, some greater things: a former law graduate is now an Appeal Court Judge in the Kenya Court of Appeal. The University of Buckingham has consistently been ranked 1st place in the National Student Survey for Student Satisfaction.

The Law School in addition to offering a qualifying law degree ensures students develop the necessary practical skills and enjoys a nationwide reputation regarding participation in national mooting and negotiation competitions. We provide extra-curricula opportunities through placements and shadowing practitioners through the Street Legal scheme re-launched in August 2014 and our Law Clinic and also the annual Legal Workshop. There are many opportunities to develop further your confidence and legal skills so you can become ‘ambassadors’ for the University and for yourselves.

Find out more about us by looking through these Web pages. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch with our Admissions Team at

“If we never do anything which has not been done before, we shall never get anywhere. The law will stand still whilst the rest of the world goes on; and that will be bad for both.” Lord Denning (Packer v Packer [1954] P. 15 at 22).

From the desk of the Dean of Law, Professor Susan Edwards

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