2-year degree

At Buckingham you can get your degree in two years instead of three

  • Complete your degree and get into work more quickly
  • Only two years of living costs
  • Foundation and Work Placement options also available

A degree in two years instead of three?

That’s right. At Buckingham we’ve been delivering two year degrees for over 40 years. Students love the idea that they can get into work a year earlier and save on a whole year of living costs.

How does it work?

Most universities offer three year degrees, with each year consisting of around 29 weeks of study and 23 weeks of holiday.

At Buckingham, we’ve compressed the timetable a bit so each year looks like this:

  • Term 1: End-September to Mid-December (9 teaching weeks plus 2 assessment weeks)
    • Vacation: Mid-December to Mid-January (6 weeks)
  • Term 2: Mid-January to Mid-March (9 weeks)
    • Vacation: Mid-March to Early-April (2 weeks)
  • Term 3: Early-April – Mid-June (9 teaching weeks plus 2 assessment weeks)
    • Vacation: Mid-June to Mid-July (3 weeks)
  • Term 4: Mid-July to Early-September (9 weeks)
    • Vacation: Early-September to Late-September (2 weeks)

So, in total, that’s still 40 weeks of study (as you would do on a three-year programme), and a good 12 weeks of downtime although this is a bit less than traditional programmes. But we think it’s worth it to save a year, save on accommodation and living costs, and get into work and earning a whole year earlier.
Read more here: www.buckingham.ac.uk/about/twoyear.

If you want to combine your study with a work placement, we have a 2+1 year offer

Combining your studies with a work placement is a great way to put your degree studies in context by taking a year out in the workplace. Students who take this option often feel better prepared for entering the workplace when they graduate.

You’ll still ‘save’ a year because this model usually takes four years at other universities.

For more information about our 2+1 degrees: www.buckingham.ac.uk/business/bsc/bm-wpy.
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