Finalist Prizes 2013

The Edgar Palamountain Award for Excellence

Michael Randall being presented with the medal by the Chancellor, Lord TanlawI am extremely honoured to be awarded the Edgar Palamountain Award for Excellence. It was a thrilling piece of news that made my day.

Throughout my time at Buckingham, the attitude and support of the lecturers and staff was incredible, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for making it possible for me to have put myself into a position to receive this award. I felt that my time at Buckingham has given me the confidence and skills to progress in the work environment, which is not only due to the academic side, but due to the wide range of cultures and backgrounds of the students at the university.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years at Buckingham, which have flown by, and I feel that I have made some great friendships with people from a wide range of backgrounds, from all over the world.

Michael Lee Randall

The Dame Barbara Shenfield Award

Rustem KalmagambetovI am truly honoured and excited to receive the 2013 Dame Barbara Shenfield Award. I am grateful to the selection committee for their recognition and trust in my academic qualities. My gratitude and special thanks go to the highly supportive staff of the Business School, whose help, patient guidance and encouragement helped me at all times through my studies.

I would also like to thank all my fellows from The University of Buckingham, who have always been sincere and supportive friends, and I would like to wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Thanks to all these people the process of studying at The University of Buckingham was especially interesting and rewarding and provided me an opportunity to broaden my horizon and to enrich myself both professionally and personally. Taking this opportunity, I would like to give a hearty thank to my family and friends, all of whom have been my greatest supporters.

Rustem Kalmagambetov

The University Prize for Academic Distinction (shared)

This prize is awarded for exceptional academic performance during undergraduate studies at Buckingham.

Benjamin Ruben Bückendorf
Kamal Bin Shaari

The Ede and Ravenscroft Prize for the Best Continuing Student (shared)

Adam Floyd
Alexandra Maria From
Stephen Ogbu Otokpa

Other prize winners


The best performance in the Part 2 ExaminationsElise Hewitt
The John Wheeler Prize for the Best Graduating StudentElise Hewitt


The Horlogerie Kandahar PrizeOmoruyi Adonye Guobadia
The Vitalograph Prize for the best graduating MBA student Paul Otieno Oduk
The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley Memorial Prize awarded to the
BBE student with the most entrepreneurial spirit
Pawel Zdobnowski
The Shamil Hamid Memorial PrizeMuziwakhe Nigel Nhlamba
The Hans Peter Stein Memorial PrizeDzingisai Makovah
The best performance in the Part 2 ExaminationsThomas Guy Morrell

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Davis / Drew Prize for Special Achievement in a Postgraduate Thesis in English Literature (shared)Owain Idwal John
Rawan Taleb Mohammad Hassen Shukur
The John Clarke Prize for an Outstanding Research Thesis in History or Biography (shared)Thomas Desmond Brennan
Duncan Howard John Dunsmore-Rouse
The Horlogerie Kandahar PrizeAndrew Edward Day

Applied Computing

The British Computer Society PrizeMichael Lee Randall
The best performance in the Part 2 Examinations (shared)Michael Lee Randall
Chukwuemeka Eze
The best performance in the Graduate Programme (shared)Fatina Talib Mohammed Hasan Shukur
Akua Gyanba Biney


The Horlogerie Kandahar PrizeAnna Gesine Marie Temp
The British Psychology Society PrizeKatherine Brown
The Best Performance in the Part 2 ExaminationJoanna Claire Rogers

September LLM Graduands

The best performance in the LLM Examinations (shared)Ekansh Aggarwal
Olivia Victoire Katharine Steel
The Morayo Atoki Prize for a good all-round performance academically and for making an important contribution to the LLM programme (shared)Jasen Pravesh Dewkurun
Viktoriia Pysmenna

Law – January 2012 Graduands

The Horlogerie Kandahar PrizeSamuel Renaldo Brown
The Sweet and Maxwell Law Prize for the Best Performance in the Final ExaminationsAngelaWilliamson
A good performance in the Part 2 ExaminationDavid Nigel Barnett
The Merit Prize offered for a Good All-round Performance academically and who has also made an important contribution to the life of the UniversitySnusu Hirvonen-Kowal

Law – July 2012 Graduands

The Butterworths Prize for the Best Performance in the Final ExaminationKamal Bin Shaari
A Good Performance in the Part 2 Examinations Kimberleigh Malyan
The Merit Prize for a Good All-round Performance academically and making an important contribution to the life of the UniversitySelvyn Hawkins
The Tunku Abdul Rahman Prize in International LawMaria Buckingham

Law – Part-time Graduands

The best performance in the Final ExaminationsAnn Margaret Bennett