Wissem Redjem (MSc Applied Data Science, 2022)

Computing StudentDriven by my deep passion for technology and the limitless possibilities of computers I pursued a five-year programme to earn a State Engineering Degree in Computer Science with a specialised focus on Software Engineering in Algeria. I further honed my mathematical problem-solving skills with a Master of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. After graduating, I had the opportunity to work for around 2 years and lead a diverse range of commercial projects across various industries, including healthcare, logistics, and ecommerce.

Recognising the ever-growing importance of data science in today’s world, I decide to further my studies with a masters in the data science field abroad. The UK was my first choice, and my search for the most fitting university began. The University of Buckingham was suggested to me by a friend who had completed their bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and successfully started their career in the UK. Though I considered other universities, I ultimately chose the University of Buckingham and their MSc Applied Data Science programme, which provided me with hands-on experience in the latest data science techniques, tools, and methodologies, honing the skills necessary to create a significant impact in the field.

As a result of this programme, I secured a work placement with Hi9, a tech company based in Cornwall, where I could apply the theoretical knowledge gained to real-life projects that make a significant impact on the community. I focused on the purposeful use of ML/DL models and AI, exploiting machine learning and natural language processing to provide effective assistance to underprivileged people in my final individual project. My project involved exploring various ML models and their potential applications to provide real-time aid for queries related to services available to disadvantaged people. My project earned me the “Ruffley Prize for the Outstanding Postgraduate Project” from the university. Additionally, I was awarded the prestigious Dame Barbara Shenfield Award for achieving the best overall postgraduate performance of the year 2022.

Although my university experience was entirely online, I was able to stay connected with my tutor and professors who were always available to provide guidance and answer any question I had. The amount of work assigned was reasonable, and the course content was varied, ensuring that we were exposed to a wide range of topics and techniques. I am incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to learn from some of the most outstanding people in this field, which has undoubtedly contributed to my personal and professional growth.

Upon successful completion of my programme with a Distinction in January 2022, I secured the position of Chief Technology Officer at Hi9, where I oversee a team of data scientists and software developers working on a diverse range of projects that seamlessly integrate software engineering and data science, exploring cutting-edge technologies and techniques in machine learning and natural language processing.