STEM Annual Conference 2012

Dr Harin Sellahewa Presented a paper on “Enhancing Small Group Teaching and Learning using Online Student Response Systems” at the STEM Annual Conference 2012 at Imperial College London in April 2012. The paper was well-received and the final Panel Session highlighted the need for flexible online voting systems as well as mobile applications for teaching and learning in general.

Other interesting papers in the Computing track included studies on academic misconduct by outsourcing coursework and the use of virtual worlds for interactive learning (e.g. OpenSim). The highlights of the conference were the two keynote speakers: Wing Commander Andy Green gave an insight into the ‘Project BLOODHOUND’ – the plans to set a new land-speed record of 1,000 mph; and Dr Kevin Fong talked about the hazards that await the next small step – a human mission to Mars.

Dr Sellahewa received a grant from HEA UK Travel Fund to attend the two-day conference.