Jean Jimbo (MSc Innovative Computing)

I joined The University of Buckingham in January 2011. It was my first time moving to a new country on my own, but as soon as I got to the University, I felt welcomed and I was excited for the year ahead.

My 1 year MSc had several highlights. The staff to student ratio at The University of Buckingham is unmatched, making it easy to not only approach staff but to encourage a supportive environment, which is crucial to the success of students. One of my favourite activities involved how the School of Computing encouraged students to come together to share their work in weekly seminars, opening up discussions where we could learn from each other no matter our level of study or exposure to various technologies.

I really enjoyed the student life and diversity in Buckingham – it felt like a place where people could truly be themselves no matter their background and it was a gift to expand your horizons and get to know peers from all over the world.

I graduated with a Distinction and was thrilled to be nominated for the Dame Barbara Shenfield Award. Since completing my degree, my Masters project helped open a door for me to work as a software developer in a start-up, proving that my coursework was relevant to emerging technologies in the industry. I went on to join the BBC as a software engineer and eventually successfully transitioned to product management.

Studying at The University of Buckingham helped to build my confidence in not only my technical skills but also in my ability to understand the world and people around me better.