Bachelor’s + Master’s in Just Three Years

Buckingham has pioneered the two-year honours degree. Studying for two years at Buckingham allows you to gain an equivalent degree to one achieved in three years elsewhere. This is made possible by our restructuring of the academic year to provide an additional term each summer. So you fit in the same number of teaching weeks as on a conventional three-year programme, but your work-load in any term is no greater. Buckingham is not a ‘crammer’ and we don’t cut corners.

Following your Bachelor’s with a Master’s at Buckingham means that you can gain a postgraduate degree in just three years. This could set you apart in that all important job application. If you stay on to study at Master’s with us, you can also benefit from up to 33% discount on your tuition fees.

The two year degree

  • An intensive, fast track degree offering as much academic content in two years as other universities offer in three.
  • Flexible entry points – many of our degrees start in January & September each year.
  • Allows you to start working and earning one year earlier.
  • One of the best ratio of teaching staff to students of any UK university means we can guarantee small class sizes
  • You make full use of the whole year, including the long summer holiday period of other universities, which is better preparation for the world of work.
  • Flexible start dates.
  • Teaching is generally provided over 2 semesters (2 terms a semester) of 20 weeks.
  • Your degree will comprise a full 360 credit units, just like other Bachelors degrees.

Value for money

Our two-year honours degrees offer a value for money alternative to courses at other universities, while our excellent student to staff ratio of 10.4:1 compares favourably to the national average of 15.9:1. The illustration below shows an example of the typical savings that can be made:

Buckingham 1 Other UK Universities
Tuition 3 Living Costs 2 Tuition 3 Living Costs 2
Year one £12,600 £8,200 £9,250 £8,200
Year two *£12,600 £8,200 £9,250 £8,200
Year three 0 0 £9,250 £8,200
Sub-total *£25,200 £16,400 £27,750 £24,600
Total £41,600 £52,350

Notes on the illustration

1 This illustration is based on a home student starting an undergraduate 8-term degree in September 2018 (many September start courses at Buckingham last for 9-terms. There is no additional tuition fee but there will be an extra term of living costs for which a pro-rata loan is available from the Student Loan Company).
2 This is an estimate of living costs – the major element is the cost of accommodation.
3 This table is for comparison only. It is likely that tuition fees will rise in line with inflation.

Buckingham students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the Student Loan Company to the value of £6,165 per annum. They can also apply for the Maintenance Loan of up to £8,430 per annum in the same way as students at other universities.